Drought (feat. Robby Young) – Glass Shards

Who They Are: Drought is the whiskey soaked rantings of Cody Gobel and Logan Casimir. Acoustic guitar and banjo, down tempo, progressive with bluegrass influence.

Why I Like Them: Wow, just wow. For one who knew a banjo could sound so freaking good? I certainly didn’t. But before you look at me like I’m crazy and opt to not listen to the song know now that this may be one of my favorite songs so far. It’s slow and melodic all the way through in that Pantera ‘Planet Caravan’ kind of way. In fact that was one of the first things I thought listening to it. The vocals are so damn smooth that you can’t help but listen and love. I’m still listening to it as I write this review. Make no mistakes people this is one for your playlist.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: YES. Once you listen to it yourself you’ll understand and will want to listen to more.


Drought is:

Cody Gobel
Logan Casimir

Where You Can Buy It:

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