Ravenscroft – My Disease

Who They Are: Ravenscroft is Melodic, Hard Hitting Rock that comes from the Soul!
Their sound is derived from the very Best of Old School meets New School Hard Rock. Black Sabbath meets Tool, Drowning Pool meets Shinedown, Creed meets Godsmack! Ravenscroft is very Familiar, yet very New, Original and Cutting Edge!

Why I Like Them: This song has a good rhythm going on and shining spots of awesome guitar work. I liked the vocalist and really dug the baseline on this track. I appreciate the lyrical content as well.  To be truthful, I wasn’t bowled over by this track the first time around. I’m glad I gave it a couple more listens to get a better feel for it’s groove.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes. The basic building blocks for the kind of songs I like are all here. This may not end up being my favorite track by the band, but I’m confident that listening to more of their stuff will open me up to some awesome playlist potentials.

The Band is:

Members Ralph Buso (Vocals)
Frankie Ravenscroft (Guitars)
Devin Baker (Bass)
Roy Santa Cruz (Drums)

Where You Can Buy It:

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