Elephant Memoirs – Dirt

The steady drum beat in the intro is a great build up to the moment where the vocalist kicks in. I’m hearing a really amazing bass line that plays well with the guitar and drum work. I like the vocalists sound a lot. It’s really unique for the kind of song this is. He has this feeling of shattered innocence in his voice. There is certainly a sense of anger with the music that plays well into the lyrics and vocal style.  The song itself is a mid tempo tune with some great modulation in the bridge and chorus sections.  I find this song to be really intriguing and makes me wonder about their other songs.

I liked this track enough that I would check out their library. I think that is the fun part of doing single song reviews. It keeps the rest of the bands work a mystery to be uncovered. I’m expecting a lot more awesome music from this band. I want to download this song and pair it with some of my Red and Chevelle lists. More for feeling than musical style I think that Dirt would fit well with those bands.


Who They Are:
Elephant Memoirs were formed in Gateshead in 2013 by John Aspinall (ex-Dead Miles), Barry Drew and Carl Aspinall.

Since their formation they have been working hard on numerous original songs and have recently started performing live around the Newcastle/Gateshead area. They have gained positive feedback especially in regard to song structure and their tight purposeful sound.

Being a trio is something that Elephant Memoirs make the most of with guitar, bass and drums gelling closely to create a driving, rhythmic sound. Similarities include Biffy Clyro, Frank Turner, BRMC and Weezer.

Lyrically they cover themes such as love, prejudice, frustration and life in general. This is often purveyed through many fictional characters thrust into sometimes surreal situations.

In August 2014 Elephant Memoirs recorded their 4 tracks at Base HQ Studios, in Newcastle. Since these recordings all 4 songs have received significant airplay on numerous radio stations worldwide.

The Band is:
Barry Drew – Drums
John Aspinall – Guitar and Vocals
Carl Aspinall – Bass





Where You Can Get It:



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