SKYBOUND – Treachery

OMG, talk about hit over the head with a two by four! This song starts of strong and just never lets up, it’s absolutely perfect. I am in love with the vocal abilities on this guy. Some of the best screaming vocals right alongside a very clean singing style. Those harmonies in the chorus are so unexpected that they really jump out at you. I don’t think I could gush enough on their singer. He is so freaking talented! But let’s move on (sniff, sniff) to the other guys. If you have read my other reviews you know I’m a huge fan of percussion. This song satisfied my need for a seriously hard and heavy drum line. If I had balls, I would have just been kicked in them by that drummer. Fast and furious would be a great way to describe the drum movement. Extremely tight guitar work throughout the song. It almost feels like the guitar and drums are playing the most psycho game of chase you’ve ever seen. The bass is understated but bridges that gap between the drums and guitar like a total champ.

This may be one of my top 10 favorite reviews to date. It blends all the best musical styles together and delivers one hell of a jam. I’m going to download this song, throw it on my phone and play it as loud as I can in public as often as I can. My friends are going to hear this one and love me for bringing it to their attention. As far as playlists go, I think the faster the music the better the match. Due to the brilliant percussion work I would pair this with some Skipknot circa Iowa and any band the features double bass.

Who They Are:
Originating from Melbourne City on the southern coast of Australia, SKYBOUND are a five piece Electronic Post-Hardcore band birthed from a group of ambitious and talented young musicians looking to burst into the scene and send shock-waves through it. All members having recently come from previous music endeavors came together via networking to not only create something musically that would be both unique and defining, but to create a movement behind their music that’s never been seen before.

With breathtaking breakdowns, bouncy riffs, intricate synths and moving choruses the ferocious post hardcore sound SKYBOUND put forth is something that fans of major bands can grasp onto whilst simultaneously enjoying it for the refreshing sound it is. Fans of heavyweight bands such as Memphis May Fire, Asking Alexandria, A Day To Remember and I See Stars will find something for themselves in the songs SKYBOUND releases that both satisfy’s their taste in music whilst holding deep lyrical content backed by vicious screams and catchy clean vocals they are sure to connect to. It’s this fine tuned sound that lead the band to being picked up by We Are Triumphant Records for the launch of their debut EP ‘DARKFALL’ which will be released 12.16.14

Leaving great first impressions SKYBOUND are already making way in the music scene, their unshakable ambition and skyrocketing motivation standing out above many others around them, proving they’re a band to keep an eye on.

The Band is:
Jonno Newton (@jonnonewton) – Vocals
Steven Schultze (@scoobydoobysteve) – Guitar
Cameron Michel (caamtsb)- Guitar
Clark Frendon (@clarkfrendon1) – Drums
Luke Shinton (professional_bedwetter) – Bass




Where You Can Get It:


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