ELTEEZY – Hood Lampin

I like the disclaimer in the beginning. It’s got a great flow and I have to say this is the first rap song I’ve heard that I was able to listen to the lyrics and not get complete turned off to the lyrics. That might be due to the disclaimer but honestly I think it’s a good story. The back beat is solid but the scaled beeps kinda throw me off just a bit. I get that it adds to the overall of the song as the harmony though. Well thought out, I was just behind the 8 ball on that aspect.

I appreciate the story that’s being told, and there was a great connection to the lyrics. I don’t see myself adding it to any of my libraries only because I’m just not into that genre. I will be sharing this with my rap loving friends because I thought it was a solid rap track. Fans of the genre should check this track out and give me your feedback in the comments section below.


Elteezy Songwriter/ Record Producer/Actor Elteezy (born on May 6, 1975) in Detroit, in the Wayne County area, better known by his stage name “Elteezy”, is an Talented hip hop artist, Songwriter, record producer, engineer, and actor. He began his career as a member of the hip-hop group in Detroit Da Worldz One & Only as a D.J. and producer. He also was apart of another Group with three other child hood friends and they performed at talent showcases hosted by Candy Productions. After leaving the group in 1996 he built a successful solo career in music, and also as a writer, In his early teens, Elteezy developed an interest in music, and began writing raps in Denby/Finney High School’s during class. Elteezy dropped out in the 10th grade due to gang involvement and getting into trouble going in and out of Jail. He attended Mott High Adult Educational where he obtained his GED in 1996, and studied Business math. Elteezy did Mic battles at Club 808 & C-Note Lounge in Detroit. In 2000 Elteezy moved to Sacramento, CA. to shop his demo after no success at that time he decided to just keep pushing independent. Elteezy then went on the road where he met up with Scoob Serious in 2003, which was at the Radio Station promoting their singles and doing radio interviews at the same time. Scoob Serious soon entered the recording industry; Scoob saw Elteezy’s potential as a writer and had him assist with writing on the song “Get God In You” on the “Off wit the Mask” album, as well as joining Elteezy on a side partnership which the duo produced a record, “CITY OF MACADORNIA” released on Visionalize Records/Totally Enthrall Records/ Interscope in 2010.
Music career 1989-Present Elteezy has been WRITING & recording SINCE 1989. Elteezy is a member of ASCAP SINCE 2005. In 1989 Elteezy recorded his first EP (Lost in the Flow), In 2003 was signed on with Lazy Boss Records as the street team selling other artist merchandise out the trunk of a Van and Tahoe city to city, state to state.
In 2005 Elteezy sold 10,000 copies of his album (I wish I was a Mack). 2013 Elteezy released the acclaimed EP, (My Gutt-ish) which sold well; becoming the first hip hop EP to get him noticed by the industry executives. Elteezy has accomplished many goals however Elteezy is now reaching for higher heights shopping an Publishing deal to write for other labels/ artist(s), movie soundtracks, and TV. While Branding his name and captivating the fans Elteezy is also drawn the Labels to him as he create success.
Elteezy is Influenced by all Artists that have Paved the way and family.
Collaborations 2003–Present
Elteezy has worked with Various of talented Artists around the worldwide from the USA to the UK.
Elteezy is an well rounded Artist.
In 2010, Elteezy assisted on debut albums from Scoob Serious (Still Struggling), Pooh Bear (Let it Go, 2014), and his own album (Hood lampin, 2013-2014) released on JnJ Ignite Music independently all of which has enjoyed some moderate commercial success. He handled most of the production on Pooh Bear’s Album and on his mixtape album (Hoodlampin). Elteezy is an talented writer with LYRICS that HAVE CATCHY Hooks AND GREAT STRUCTURED MELODIES THAT HAS AND WILL CONTINUE TO CAPTIVATE THE CROWD WITH HIS UNIQUE SIGNATURE STYLE.!

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