Even If It Kills Me – The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!

Love, love love the dueling vocals on this song! The way both voices play off each other is really nice. He has a low register growly voice while she has a nice high register that is very sweet. I like that there is zero intro to the track. They like to kick you in the balls right in the door. Nice. Musically the guitars rock pretty hard and that drummer has moments of sheer genius going on. I also like the lyrical content. I think every one has had some moments where they’ve felt like this song.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: For sure! I loved they rhythm in this song! The vocals are so strong that you can’t get em out of your head.


Who They Are: Even If It Kills Me is a dual vocalist band in Southern California featuring female clean vocals and male screams. The band started to take form in May of 2010. We’ve had the privilege of sharing the stage with many great bands such as: In Fear and Faith, Dream On, Dreamer, For All Those Sleeping, Casino Madrid, No Bragging Rights, Destruction Of A King, The Arcanum Effect, and Volumes. Working hard on writing and always trying to improve as a band and individuals, we strive to pull the best out of ourselves. We are looking to play the music that we love and put on shows that will be remembered.

The Band is:

Josh Vogel – Vocals
Addison Van Buer – Vocals/Bass
Scott Holmes – Guitar
Alec Doocy – Drums

Where You Can Buy It:

Unknown at this time.

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