Nicole M Alonso (Nikki) – Rock With Me

Hand in the air for some serious girl power baby! This is the theme song for the horror movie Crawl or Die, and I have to say every thing about this song screams action and adventure. It’s got this awesome pop synth thing happening musically that get’s your pulse racing. Nicole or Nikki as her music persona is known as has a damn skippy range and it has a wonderful break that shows itself when she hits the upper end of her register. That’s not all that common to find since most singers tend to fall off when trying to pull out vocal breaks. I love the warm round tone to her voice. She connect really well to the music which always makes me happy since connection matters in music. By the way, did I happen to mention that she also stars in the movie Crawl or Die? If you wanna see the flick head over to Netflix and demand they carry it.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I really dig her whole vibe. I’m luck enough to know Nikki (ok so I mean I’ve exchanged tweets with her) and this woman is amazing. Listening to her music I think I got a better sense of who she is and I would love to hear more of her music.


Who They Are: Nicole Alonso is an actress and producer, known for Crawl or Die (2014), Screen (2013) and The Battle of Tinker (2010).

The Band is:

Nicole Alonso
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