Fades Away – Not Ready to Run

My first impression is I love the rhythm of this song. We’ve got a solid driving beat behind rushing guitars and a really nice bass line. One of my favorite things about this song is the dueling vocals. I am really into the lead vocalists work already. He’s got a really good range and a gravel that he can access seemingly whenever he wants.  The back up vocals are worth noting as well because he so beautifully compliments the lead. Back to the musical arrangement. There is a riff here that is just killing me! It’s kinda dirty. grungy and all manor of hot. Overall I love the energy to this song.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff:  I need this song on my playlist right now! So yeah I would listen to them again. Looks like they are 2 albums deep and I plan to check out both of them.


Who They Are: Over the years of trying to be a “successful rock band,” we’ve come into the mentality of being truly and eternally grateful for every opportunity to share in the gift of music and worship. We believe that human beings were created for one reason: to glorify their Creator. If we in any way can facilitate someone coming closer to that goal, our job here is done.

The Band is:

Dave Erickson: Vocals
Steve Daniels: Bass
Matt Mahlen: Drums

Where You Can Buy It:


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