Jim Morris – Race For Humanity

Oh my there are some powerful guitar skills at work here. This is some mega metal instrumental beauty. I would say that this guy is every bit as good as Eddie Van Halen back in the day. I brought Eddie out because there is some hot dogging going on here and if you aren’t good at what you do that kind of playing just comes off as bad. The pace is incredible my fingers are on fire just listening to it. The drum work is also equally phenomenal. That guitar is shredding and the drummer is keeping up in stride.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: That was amazing for sure! I would like to hear more of his stuff though I’m not sure where I would put it on a playlist. Perhaps I need to put together a really guitar heavy list.


Who They Are: Jim Morris is an enigmatic guitar player and composer who is making his mark on the shredder scene with his unique style of instrumental rock fusion. With the release of his powerfully melodic third album “Melodrama,” Jim celebrates instrumental rock with power and precision.

The Band is:

Jim Morris
Al Towle – Drum work

Where You Can Buy It:

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