Far’n’Hate – Always Overcome

Do you love getting your ass kicked by double bass? Well then step right up, we have the song you are looking for! The super awesome double bass drum work sets a pace that has to kill the guitarist’s fingers. Cause that guy is playing his ax to beat the devil no doubt about it.  I think if any mortal tried to play this song it might just be the end of you. One of my favorite things though is that bridge part where we are getting a really nice melody out of the vocalist. So there is screaming vocals, clean vocals and some melody all in the same song. These elements combined will always result in me finding a song that I love.

I gotta see these guys play live at some point. It’s a moral imperative! The vocals, the drum work, the guitar riffs these are a few of my favorite things. I’m thinking that this song really needs to go in rotation for my radio show. I’m already making a list of songs and I do believe this one has to be on it. So yep, I’m going to seek out more of Far’n’Hate’s music because it’s just plain that awesome.


Who They Are:
Defining themselves simply as “Modern Metal” Far’n’Hate was conceived in a small village in the Spanish Costa Brava in 2007.

In 2008 the band self-produced their first EP, opening many doors to them performing at venues and festivals all over Spain.
After growing and establishing a local fan base and spreading the word about their intense and energetic live show, in september of 2011 the band releases their debut full-length album titled “From Death comes Life”.
In march of 2013 they released a 6 track EP called “Steadfast”.

The band is currently touring Europe and writing their 2nd full length album.

The Band is:
Marc – Vocals
Jona – Drums
Nacho – Guitar
Felipe – Guitar
Jorge – Bass




Where You Can Get It:

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