Walt DeeZ – Ride

I like the overall message on this rap track. I agree with a fair amount of those lyrics, I can certainly feel what he’s saying. The flow is really good sometimes I can’t believe how fast rappers can spit some lyrics. I found it a bit odd (in a good way) that a portion of the music actually sounded like some ambient tunes I’ve reviewed. Well, except for this track had some drum work and most ambient has none.

As you know I’m new to rap so I always ask you keep that in mind when reading one of my rap reviews. I did like this track quite a bit. I can see myself listening to it when I’m riding around in my car running errands or taking one of those road trips I take every so often. It had a good upbeat tempo and a crazy good flow. Since I don’t listen to a lot of rap I only have a handful of songs I could put this with in a list. There is some Eminem along with some Dre and ODB. I’d put this with those and see how I feel about it.


Who They Are:
Hip Hop artist based out of #ABQ

The Band is:
Walt DeeZ




Where You Can Get It:

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