Former Tides – Young Minds

Wow, I gotta say I really, really like this song. As tired as I’ve been lately some reviews have been hard for me to write. This one is going to be very easy. Let’s start with the vocals. For one the falsetto on this cat is crazy awesome. He’s got a brilliant range when in his neutral voice, but those highs are what’s going to get you. There are perfect harmonies between the lead singer and their back up vocals guy. The guitar work is pretty damn stellar with the guitarist getting a couple of opportunities in this tune to really show off his skills without becoming overbearing. The drum track is an excellent mix of mid to uptempo beats and then there is the double bass. I’ve been really grooving on bands that are adding in double bass in their pop/rock style songs. Used to be you only heard it in hard core metal or thrash (where I first heard it), but now these newer bands are really being creative with where they include it. This song is an excellent example of this new technique.

I can’t wait to sample more of Former Tides’ music. I absolutely love their vocalist and the music is exactly what I like. It’s not every song that grabs me so completely as this one did. A lot of songs I review I give five stars to because after I listened to them a couple of times the song stuck. This was an out the gate winner for my musical tastes. I want to put this song on every list I have, the rest of the bands on it be damned. I’ve already started to look for it on my phone so I can have it in the morning for my commute to work.


Who They Are:

Hailing from Utah County “Former Tides” a high energy five piece Rock/Post Hardcore band established in early 2014.
Musicians brought together by common interest, aspiration, and “the tides” aka former (and current) members of other local projects (Eons, Despite Despair, Silter, and We The Equinox) the name “Former Tides” was born.

The Band is:

Devin Barrus – Vocals
Tyson Clegg – Bass/Vocals
Luis Cardenas – Guitar
Trevor Espinoza – Drums
Matt Wiley – Guitar

Website: Former Tides

Twitter: @FormerTides

Youtube: Former Tides

Where You Can Get It:

itunes-logo[1] spotify  cdbaby-music-store-logo[1]


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