Gandalf’s Fist – Drifter on the Edge of Time

The intro has the oddly sultry feel to it. Very simple with minimal instruments, I think a guitar and a piano is all. As it works it’s way into the song we are treated to some very soothing vocals and interesting echo effects. I have to say I’ve not heard any thing like this in years. The vocal work is nicely done with dueling male and female lines. As much as I liked the male vocalist this chick has a truly awesome voice, the perfect foil to the dude’s pleading tone during the song. The lyrics are more like a story set to music, and one that I rather enjoyed. I keep having flashes of Heavy Metal (the movie) in my head. This would have been a perfect song for a couple of the segments in that flick. The story telling aspects of this song beg for simple musical accompaniment and that is exactly what the band did. The rise and fall of the music is in perfect sync to the lyrics/story.

I’m interested in listening to more of their music, mostly because it’s so fascinating. I love the storytelling style and would really like to see if this is a style that carries over into all their music. I would most likely put this on a large random mix of music. Mostly because I don’t really have much that would match this song in terms of style.


Who They Are:

Many new bands break onto the scene claiming that their music is unique. But few can have as much behind such claims as Cumbria’s finest purveyors of Medieval-Space-Rock – Gandalf’s Fist.  The band – essentially a collaboration between old friends and musical adventurers Dean Marsh and Luke Severn – may have been formed as recently as 2005, but its origins go back much further. They start, depending on your point of view, with the golden era of Prog in the 1970s, the birth of English folk centuries before or, even in the time before time inhabited by Tolkien’s fantastical characters… And what would Tolkien say? With a pint of Mead in hand, one might suggest he would say; “Hell Yes!” And proceed to rock his socks off!  However it all started, what Gandalf’s Fist did with the release of their second album ‘Road to Darkness’ was to propel the apparently old-fashioned notion of the concept album firmly into the 21st century. And for that, they should be applauded. In an age of digital downloads and instant gratification, ‘Road to Darkness’ reminds music lovers that the album is a format worth savouring every single groove of. Described by Music Street Journal as “One of the best discs of 2011”, and “one of the best progressive rock albums of 2011”, Road to Darkness is typical of what Gandalf’s Fist are all about. They are unashamedly English, unashamedly in thrall to the rich tradition of storytelling that snakes right through from Wordsworth to The Floyd and beyond. Musically, despite having little academic training, Dean’s multi-instrumental skill is astounding while Luke offers a unique and beguiling vocal performance. Meanwhile, their supporting cast of musicians are never anything short of top quality. After releasing three records in 2011 and currently in the process of writing their latest album ‘From a Point of Existence’, Gandalf’s fist are going from strength to strength and beginning to make waves on the national progressive scene.
Gandalf’s Fist are certainly not a band for anyone who slavishly laps up Simon Cowell’s latest production line pop princesses. But for anyone who loves music to be about great storytelling, they’re essential.

The Band is:

Dean Marsh,
Luke Severn,
Chris Ewen,
Stefan Hepe.

Website: Gandalf’s Fist

Twitter: @gandalfsfist

Youtube: Gandalf’s Fist

Where You Can Get It:

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