From Ashes to New – Stay This Way

Who They Are: The idea behind From Ashes to New, is to do something fresh and meaningful. By taking every kind of music that influences them, FATN is able to create a sound that is not only refreshing but also makes you feel as if you’ve known it all along. With songs geared toward everyday struggles and uplifting lyrics in the direction of self betterment, From Ashes to New looks to capture the attention of listeners from all walks of music.

Why I Like Them:  Straight up this is the first song I reviewed that I immediately wanted more. Fucking hell! Their rap/metal mash up reminds me of the OLD Linkin Park days. Vocally I couldn’t ask for better. This guy’s vocal range is so amazing and strong. The rap portions are so fucking moving if you ask me. I love the lyrics so much. I’m already singing along as I’m writing this review. I actually have chills from this tune. If you aren’t listening to them and in love then you have no soul. This song is BADSASSDOM!

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I’m planning on begging for concert tickets as soon as they come close to me. Are you kidding? Would I listen to more, fuck yeah. I really need more stars.

The Band is:

Matt Brandyberry – Rap/Vocals
Chris Musser – Vocals
Tim Donofrio – Drums
Dan Kecki – Guitar
Branden Kreider – Guitar/Scream Vocals
Garrett Russell – Bass

Where You Can Buy It:

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