Disarray – Holocaust

Who They Are: The hardcore metalheads in Disarray first came together in 1993, when singer/guitarist Chuck Bonnett decided he wanted to chase his rock musician dreams. He formed lineup after lineup, releasing home-recorded albums like Widespread Human Disaster until he finally signed to Eclipse Records in the late ’90s. He added bassist Vance Wright and drummer Dave Peridore to the lineup and released A Lesson in Respect in 1999. The band played with several like-minded artists until they found a fan in Gwar frontman Oderus Urungus. He offered to produce the band, so they went with him to his recording studio and released the results, In the Face of the Enemy, in 2002.


Why I Like Them: So we start out with this epic intro to the song. Excellent guitar, bass and drum work. Hats off on that one! When the vocals kicked in every one in the room looked up and said the same thing, “Is that Phil Anselmo?” It’s not, but this guy is every bit as amazing as Mr. Anselmo. I would say that if you are into Pantera you would LOVE this one. I also felt a bit of an Iron Maiden thing happening here as well.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Hell yea!

The Band is:

Chuck Bonnett (lead guitars, lead vocals)
Vance Wright (bass guitar, backing vocals)
Bradley Trotter (drums)

Where You Can Buy It:


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