Ghost Parade – Reach

I really loved the Rage Against the Machine style opening. Fantastic guitar work there, though I was happy to see that it didn’t continue through the whole song. I’m good with ska in limited doses. When the song kicks in after the intro the style changes up to a more straight up rock tempo. Another thing I like here is that the bass line is very apparent. It’s not often a bassist gets to be heard so I’m really enjoying it in this track. Vocally the guy can really hold onto those long sustained notes. He has a solid, nice round voice that I think rides well on top of the music.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I’m interested to see if they have heavier stuff. I like this, but I think I would like to see them really tear that ass up. I’m betting dollars to dougnuts they have just the song I’m looking for. As to if I would put it on a playlist: I have a very short list that includes Change by Deftones, 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle and a couple other similar tunes. I think this song would work well on that list.


Who They Are: I wasn’t able to find a bio for these guys. If I get one I will update this review.

The Band is:

Justin Bonifacio- Vocals & Guitar,
George Woods- Guitar & Vocals
Ben Everett- Bass

Where You Can Buy It:

Unsure at the moment.

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