Living Last – Rescue

Vocally I like most of what I heard on this track. The female vocalist has some hellified range and good breath control for sustained notes. In fact my first thought when I heard her was Paramour! She has that same not quite but almost pouty sound to her voice with an occasional bit of gravel that is a really nice combo. I think my issues were less vocal technique and a production choice. I do feel like there are times when she sounds almost dropped out. I hate to say that because she really does have a stellar voice. I also wanna touch on the male backing vocals for a sec. I love the tone and growl he’s going going on. I would so love to hear more of that. When both vocalist melded together it was true music magic. Ok, so musically I loved the music. It’s got a rocking upbeat speedy with some moments of metal drumming mastery that you wouldn’t necessarily expect on a straight rock track.  Guitars were nice and crunchy just the way I like them.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes. Despite my comments regarding vocals or maybe because of them I would like to listen to more of their music to see if I feel like I have the same critique. I’m hoping that for me, this was their B side tune.


Who They Are: Recently known as “Piercing the Darkness,” Living Last is a new rock group determined to make a new name for themselves in the mid-west music scene. After adding a second guitarist to the mix just before the name change in late 2013, Living Last is determined to make their presence known. With musical influences ranging from Norma Jean to One Republic, Living Last is sure to keep you on edge with their unique songwriting style, energetic live performances, and passion for their fans as much as their passion for their art.

The Band is:

I could not find a band line up.

Where you can buy it:
Living Last Website

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