Go Radio – Go To Hell

The breaks in the lead vocalists voice is amazing. He sounds so honest with the lyrics he’s singing. The piano accompaniment in the beginning is absolutely perfect. Once the rest of the band kicks in it’s like musical bliss.  As far as break up letter songs this is perfect. I can remember feeling the same way several times in my life. I wish I had this song around when I went through some bs with ex SO’s. There is the right amount of anger in the song. It’s great in that way where it’s back in forth, kinda the way you feel when shit’s bad. You can be ok one minute and pissed or sad the next. The music is nicely understated which I feel works really well as it makes the lyrics take center stage and when a song is written this well that is as it should be. The song rests on a slightly upbeat tempo with minimal guitar work. While it’s all extremely well done, I’m glad they went with the less is more idea.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Why thank you I would love to.  I would put this on a list with my One Republic and maybe even Maroon 5. While this band doesn’t really sound like those bands, they do have very similar styles. Especially what I’ve heard of One Republic. I think Go Radio would be a great support band for them. I would certainly pay money to see that show.


Who They Are: A Go Radio record isn’t so much meant to be listened to as it’s meant to be experienced. Go Radio have more in mind than just their ultra-catchy melodies. They craft songs that climb inside the listener’s heart and mind, establishing deep roots through shared experience and expression.

The Band is:
Jason Lancaster – Vocals, Piano & Guitar – @GoJason
Alex Reed – Guitar – @AlexGoRadio
Matt “Burns” Poulos – Bass – @MattGoRadio
Steven Kopacz – Drums – @StevenGoRadio

Website: Go Radio

Twitter: @GoRadio

Youtube: Fearless Records

Where You Can Buy It:

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