Greg Freeman – Dance With The Devil (Breaking Benjamin Cover)

I was concerned about doing this review when I saw the list of covers. I shouldn’t have given it a second thought at all. This guy has an amazing voice and the thing I loved most it that he didn’t try to “be” Benjamin Burnley. There were several not so subtle differences in performance. I’ve seen Breaking Benjamin twice so I know where of I speak. Greg has a fantastic voice with nice round tones and a solid range. There is a point in this song where a singer can really open up his throat and let it rip. If you know the song you know where it is. This was the moment I was waiting for and it didn’t disappoint. There were a few rough spots on the cover but I suspect he was thinking to much, as I noted a tightening to his voice. All in all this was a wonderful cover of a song that I dearly love.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: There are a couple more covers I want to listen to. But to be honest I would really like to hear some original music. I did see he is on soundcloud with additional covers.


Who They Are: A mix of tunes I have recorded. I have raw/live acoustic stuff and hip hop stuff. I am all over the map. Hope you enjoy.

The Band is:

Greg Freeman

Where You Can Buy It:

Unknown at this time.

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