Harmony of Silence – Standing on the Edge

Once again luck has struck and this song seems to be fitting my mood perfectly. I really love the clean female vocals especially when they are backed with those dirty male vocals! It gives this song a beautifully layered effect. The temp is just a bit upbeat, I mean you aren’t going to be shaking your ass to it, but it’s also not such a slow temp all you can do is sway to the music. So we will call it mid tempo pacing. There is some really great guitar work going on that tends to take my attention away from the vocals at times. I think that’s ok because the spots I noticed my attention switching to the guitar the vocals were mostly background. Nice drum line, it’s almost a classic rock style bit. Again, not too fast and not too slow.

I liked this track quite a bit. Certainly enough I would check out their other offerings. I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out exactly who I would pair this song with and I keep coming back to bands like Lacuna Coil and Flyleaf. I think all three bands share some similarities with the female vocals and awesome guitar work. To me this is the kind of track that will appeal to just about any one. Though it does have some rock elements it’s a slow enough tempo that it wouldn’t alienate those who are not into rock much. Overall I gotta say it’s well worth checking out!


The Band is:

Lead Guitar – Rudie du Plooy
Drums, Vocals – Erick du Plooy
Rhythm Guitar – Wesley Heyman
Lead Vocals – Sonja Van Jaarsveld
Bass Guitar – Stefan Smit



Where You Can Get It:

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