HellsBelles – Troubled Times

This is pretty fast paced song. Lots of pounding drums and a guitar line that won’t quit. I often wonder with guitarists how they can move their hands after they do a show. I thought the song was an odd blend metal and punk. Lyrically I’m getting a heavy punk influence while musically I’m getting a Ministry vibe. Vocals are decent and seem to work well with the song.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I would listen to this again on occasion. I would most likely match this with some old school metal. I think that would be the best fit for this particular track.


Who They Are: Led by award-winning singer songwriter Paul Quigley, HellsBelles – the original British metal band – formed in 1984 as ‘Hell’s Belles’ from the ashes of cult punk pioneers Discharge, now back… Dies Irae.

The Band is:

Paul Quigley
St Eval Denies

Where You Can Buy It:

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