Murder On Her Mind – Break Away

If you’ve got a hate on for some one grab their picture and listen to this song then systematically gouge out their eyes. In the picture that is. This is on heavy ass hard core song. The drum line alone is worth the price of admission in this song. During the chorus there is a bit of a change up with a tempering of the drums and some harmonies from the vocalist. Personally I’m a bigger fan of the thrashy guttural vocals. The guitar work is really quite spectacular as well. I had a hard time making them out over the drums, but that was because I was so into the drum line. I don’t want to take any thing away from the guitar work as it was so well done. All in all this is a great song with a nice change of tempo in the chorus but it still rocks all the way through.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I dig the thrash aspects of the song so I would definetly check out more of their stuff to see if there is more thrash gold to be had.

Who They Are: 5 piece, Heavy as ballz band from LI, NY. Order a copy of Misguided available now on iTunes! For booking inquiries email us at follow us on Twitter and Instagram all under MurderOnHerMind!

The Band is:

Chris Chamberlain – Vocals
Joe Miele – Guitar
Vinnie Saldutti- Guitar/Vocals
Zach Magliaro – Bass
Matt Masselle – Drums

Where You Can Buy It:

Unsure at the moment.

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