Jack Williams – Til I Die

My god that voice, I could float away in that voice. It’s husky, warm and oh so inviting. I found I had a hard time understanding all the words, but in this song I think that may be a stylistic choice. Sometimes the voice really is another instrument and when it’s done right it’s beautiful. This is such a beautiful song, and the overall story line is so sweet. When combined with that mid to up tempo beat it’s brilliant. The guitar work is superb, loud when it needs to be, quite when it’s called for.  I think I caught a bit of piano work off this the distance of this musical landscape.

I don’t think I can say enough about this track. I would love to put in on a list with another song I just reviewed by Ian Clayton. This is another folksy song that is just a comfort on a hard day.  It’s a musical companion that will never leave. It even say’s so in the song. Anyone who is having a rough day or just needs a little pick me up should really check out this track.


Who They Are:
Jack Williams is a 21 Year old acoustic/folk singer/songwriter from Southampton who has achieved a variety of great opportunity’s over the last year since being featured on PASSENGERS youtube channel featured in his song “I’ll Be Your Man” which has reached over 1 million views since being posted on January 27th 2013.

Since then Jack has recorded and released his debut E.P titled “Jack Williams” which is available and out now for sale
via the following link:

The release has gained a lot of media attention and grasped up Jack Williams some amazing opportunities that have led to him supporting PASSENGER in October 2013 on tour and also GABRILLE APLIN at Bournemouth O2 Academy and Oxford O2 Academy 2014.

For all booking Enquiries please get in contact with –
Adam Green – adamgreen@barebonesmgmt.co.uk
Donna Ashby – donnaashby@barebonesmgmt.co.uk

Jack Williams can also perform as a solo artist or as a full band, please email for general enquiries.

The Band is:
Jack Williams – Guitar / Lead Vocals





Where You Can Get It:

Soundcloud logo Bandcamp


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