The Glimpses – What a Day May Bring

I think I need to go lock myself in a room for a day and listen to this song.  It’s an odd little ditty that really is a slice of awesome. The vocals and the music both hold their own bits of goodness so the combination is kinda like a chocolate and peanut butter.  She has a voice that is a once in a generation thing. There is no real change to her voice be it quite or beautifully soaring. The music, it’s like its playing peek-a-boo with you during the entire run of the song. Almost like it’s chasing the lyrics.

I really loved this song. It’s got a quirky style that I haven’t heard before. About the closest I can come is some of the She & Him I’ve heard. It’s a fun song to listen to but I’m not sure where I would put it on a playlist. I might put it on my phone for one of those rambling lists where I put all kinds of things just to surprise myself while I’m driving. Sometimes it’s a good thing not knowing what’s going to play next. This would be one that came on and I would be all excited to listen to it. I wanna see what else this band has to offer.


Who They Are:

The Glimpses are a folk rock duo based in Alexandria, Virginia. Drawing inspiration from traditional folk, blues, country, rock, and jazz, singer/songwriter Mercedes Mill and multi-instrumentalist and producer Matthew Leonard create soulful tunes, steeped in haunting melodies and honeyed harmonies.

They met for the first time one summer day at the end of a metro line in Virginia, where Matthew appeared with a car full of instruments. The plan was to record a few songs Mercedes had written. During that first recording session, Mercedes and Matthew discovered that in addition to tuning into the same music, they share a love of cats, dogs, and every other animal under the sun, old movies, microbrews, bread making, and yoga. They’ve been singing and playing together ever since.

In 2011, they released the album “Incantation at the Golden Hour,” about which wrote: “Sometimes, all too rarely, you hear an album for the first time, and your ears prick up, your heart begins to beat a bit faster, and your mind resumes a long forgotten conversation with itself on the eternal questions of truth, beauty, and the human condition. Such is ‘Incantation at the Golden Hour’…As you listen more closely, you find meditations on love, alienation, and resilience picked out in exquisite poetry.”

Their live performances are warm and intimate. They’ve played throughout the region, including at Iota, the Mountville Folk Festival, the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance, the Corner Store, DC9, and the DC Green Festival.

They’re currently recording their debut full-length album as The Glimpses.

The Band is:

Mercedes Mill
Matthew Leonard





Where You Can Get It:

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