Judy Rae Jae – He’s Just a Friend of Mine

I think though between the lyrics and the twangy guitar in the background I would say this is more like old school county. I’m thinking like Patsy. Man I loved Patsy. Any who… this girl has a perfect voice for this style of music. She doesn’t have that country “twang” to her voice that we’ve gotten used to over the years, it’s very clear and round. Almost like if Karen Carpenter did country music. It’s really quite pretty. The guitar works is really nice along with the drum work. The vocals are at the center of this song, the music is a frame.

As much respect as I have for country music and yes, there are some musicians that I like working in that genre I don’t have a country playlist. I have several random songs that I on rare occasions will throw on a random list and let play. I would listen to her other songs to see if there was one that really grabbed me and then I would get that song for a random list. For true fans of country though she has such a sweet, clear and round tone that really compliments the style of the music in this song. It would be a crime for fans to not give this song a listen.


Who They Are: Judy Rae Jae — Pianist, Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Guitarist

The Band is:

I’m Judy Jae, and work as a professional musician/songwriter. I play piano, write and sing, and went to the original High School of Performing Arts in NY

Website: Judy Rae Jae

Twitter: @JudyRaeJae

Youtube: Judy Jae

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