Section C – Battle Cry

Some thing about the intro to this song is so damn CCR there is no way I could not love it! Then the lyrics kick in and wow it’s such a different vibe all the sudden. So the best way I can think to describe it is if you were able to take a punk song and slow it way, way down you would have “Battle Cry”. If there is ever a resurgance of John Hughes style movies this song has to be the “The” song from one. The vocals certainly have that whole emo vibe going for them. Kinda high but with a lackadaisical tone to them. I know what your thinking right now, how very “Cure” of them and yes the song did evoke thoughts of The Cure from back in the day. So there ya go, you have to give it some kudos for taking me back to high school. It’s a handful of new songs that can bring about the same level of nostalgia for day’s gone by.


Maybe I would listen to more of their stuff but, I never was very emo. But I do appreciate a good song so I would be willing to check out more of their stuff but I make no promises about an entrance on any of my playlists. I was really excited in the beginning with it’s CCR feel but as it gave way to a more emo sound I was a bit sad.  Now that I think about I might download the song for that random playlist I was talking about it my review of Judy Rae Jae.


Who They Are: Section C is a one man band who likes to throw songs into the stratosphere. These songs comment on the troubles that arise from divisions and then offer melodic solutions to the stresses of life. The songs are about love, hate and gardens.

The Band is:

John Section C

Website: Section C

Twitter: @sect10nc


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