Kaveat – Immortal Machine

That guitar work is totally off the hook crazy man! I love the blazing rhythm of this track. This one starts strong and just keeps building. Those screaming vocals combined with Segan’s clean vocal styles are a brilliant match. I love how her voice seems to float just above the music, while those screaming vocals tether her to the song. The percussion is wild as hell. The sometimes staccato nature of the drum work reminds me a lot of some of my favorite Slipknot songs. There are some truly amazing tension breaks in this song, which is great because the music has some really good build ups.

Let’s see do I like this song? Umm, hell yea I do! I want to get this on my phone for my trip tomorrow. I have been building a list with some Slipknot, In This Moment, Static X and I think this one would fit in perfectly. I’ll turn it up as loud as I can and my son and I will rock our asses off on the road!


Who They Are:

With a succinct duality of melodic and aggressive sounds, Kaveat, the female-fronted alternative metal project from Los Angeles, drives an explosive punch in the face of the prevailing music scene. Sagan Amery is the brutal, yet dignified lead vocalist; her sweet and subtle take-no-prisoners approach to the metal genre locks listeners into a persistent frenzy. Members Brendin Ross on bass/backing vocals, Mat Tao on drums and Krz Souls on synthesizers breathe the final breath of air required to bring this dynamic group to life..

The Band is:
Sagan Amery
Brendin Ross
Mat Tao
Krz Souls





Where You Can Buy It:

Soundcloud logo Bandcamp


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