Love that bluesy riff in the intro for the song. Sounds really great live for sure! Build up with the drums and… now we have a funky classic rock/blues track. I’m really sad that it looks like this band is defunct. I am enjoying the vocals and guitar work. Together all the players seem to have a good grasp on what they are trying to accomplish and I would have loved to see them live.

I think they are defunct only because there haven’t been any recent tweets since 2012 and the last album I can find for them on their website is a 2009 release. I liked the song enough I would check out their studio release albums. If you happen to know these guys, can you tell them to let me know what’s up?


Slow Down from The Bonesmen on Myspace.

Who They Are:

The Bonesmen are a rock band that hales from New Haven Ct USA . Rock & roll bonesmen style is all American down home music with it’s foundation firmly placed in the blues and country.  Since emerging on the New England music scene they have put out 2 cd’s . The 2007 debut “ Skin & Bones”and the 2009  “ Deuce” both of which received favorable reviews here at home and through out Europe.  The band is comprised of front man /founding member Frankie Thomas vocals / guitar. Veteran bonesmen bass player Kenny Dempsy and introducing drummer Joe Gator and lead guitarist Brit Daniels.  In 2014 The Bonesmen will set out to make their 3rd studio release and to perform live for an ever widening audience. The Bonesmen aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, they are just doing their part to keep it rolling.

The Bonesmen have enjoyed kicking up the dust all over the Northeastern US while promoting their two studio albums. They’ve shared the stage with artist like, Johnny Winter, Mountain, Vanilla Fudge, Marshal Tucker, Extreme and Brett Michaels, among others. Their 2007 debut release Skin and Bones was well received by both local club audiences and international radio listeners alike. 2009’s Deuce brought the band a wider audience via internet radio and international music publications.  Expect 2014 to bring you the band’s third album, peppered with live performances that spread the scripture of good times rock ‘n’ roll.

The Band is:




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