Kilo Fresh – The Run Down Pt. 2

This song has a good flow going for it. Kilo has a great voice and makes no apology for his work. While his lyrics are harsh and raw the musical composition is a slow tempo, mellow style. I can’t quite tell if we are listening to synth music but regardless I do like the lilting quality of the music. It brings a bit of softness to what is otherwise a rather hard song.

I’m finding it difficult to connect with the lyrics because this just isn’t my life’s experience. I did like the reference to the Cosby’s, it gave me a good little giggle. In all honesty the story Kilo is telling me scares the hell outta me. I can’t say this is going on my playlist. Not because it wasn’t a good rap song, in fact I intend to share this track (as usual) with my rap friends. I’m interested to hear some other perspectives on this track.


Who They Are:

Straight out the eastside of Asheville, North Carolina, 25 year old Kilo has been rocking a mic since he was 16..  After a long hiatus due to personal reasons, Kilo returned to music with a new state of mind. With a bright future still ahead for him, he will continue to improve his skills and fan base one day at a time.. Stay tuned people…

The Band is:





Where You Can Get It:

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