Angels on the Battlefield – A Walking Plague


This may be the song that makes me love instrumentals. Normally I’m one of those people who likes every song to have a lyrical content. This song however would not be as awesome as it is with them. I’m in love with that low slung bass line. It’s got an awesome percussion groove and the guitar work is pretty damn stellar. Sure there is some serious hot dogging with the guitar riffs, but if you could do it wouldn’t you? It’s not often that a bass line gets as much attention as this one does, so good on you for that. I gotta say the combination of fiery licks, a fat ass bass line and the drum track from hell all come together to make this song a winner.

I’m fascinated with this band. Despite the lack of lyrics I find it to be a very visual song. I can see this being used in a soundtrack for every thing from car chases to “oh no the killer is going to get me” scenes. I would love to pair this up with some Avenged Sevenfold and Agony In The Garden. Not because these bands are known for their instrumental works, but more the overall tone of their music. Metal fans should really make sure they check this band out.

Who They Are:

There are many times we find ourselves at a loss for words; whether it be a difficulty to express an emotion, an impossibility to convey an image, or simply because an idea cannot be translated from one language to another.

Angels on the Battlefield breaks through this barrier by speaking instrumentally. Melody and rhythm, not being bound by language or human speech, is the perfect medium to open the mind and introduce us to the imagination.

From soaring dragons, to flesh eating zombies, the loss of love, and the pursuit of dreams, Angels on the Battlefield provides the canvas and lets you paint the story through their Epic Instrumental Metal.

The Band is:

JD McGibney – Guitar
Frank Cascio – Bass
Carlos Rendon – Guitar





Where You Can Get It:

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