Kondor – Hostage

I don’t ever really get any music like this. I mean I’ve had a few tracks come through that had a pop vibe to them, but this is different. This is like a pop R&B contemporary mashup of the best kind. The vocals are like butter they are so smooth. There is a specific cadence to the delivery of lyrics that is making me crazy because it’s perfectly timed. Lyrically I’m in love with this track. Musically it’s a bit different with that echo style effect, but it works so well. The guitar solo in the middle of this track is worthy of Carlos Santana.

I listened to this track on repeat a few times. I didn’t need the additional listens to decide if I liked it or not, I liked it just fine on the first listen. I kept going because I just love it that much. I want to learn all the lyrics so I can sing along. This song reminds me of a lot of the slow jams of the 80’s. Music that at that time I really didn’t appreciate and to be honest I still don’t care for most of it. This track is different, while it pulls on a particular 80’s feel it’s not an 80’s tune. What this song is brings about an intimate feeling, just you and the music. I would actually put this on a list with some of my Santana stuff. I have a couple of K’s Choice songs I would put on a list with this one as well.


Who They Are:
Kondor is a band fronted by composer/guitarist Dillon Kondor, featuring Eric Stockton, Matt Podd, Aiden Moore, and Jon Epcar.

The Band is:
Dillon Kondor
Eric Stockton
Matt Podd
Aiden Moore
Jon Epcar



Where You Can Get It:

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