Nikki Turley – Laid To Rest

Nikki Turley has a really interesting style. I wish the production had been a bit better because I think that had a slightly negative impact on the song. The music is a nice upbeat tempo so you could dance to it. I always like something I can shake it to. Personally I didn’t think that the lyrics and the music matched very well. I think that the lyrics might have worked a bit better with a slower tempo song.

I think it’s great that Nikki is out there rocking her ass off. However this just wasn’t the song for me. I spotted quite a few technical issues with the song. I always hate having to give a negative review because it takes balls to put yourself out there like this. I would be interested in checking out a few of her other songs to see if I just happen to catch an “off” song.


Who They Are:
I am Nikki. I am from Bauxite,Arkansas and I am a singer song -writer,guitarist. I have been singing since I could talk. I have an outgoing personality and love meeting new friends and fans and writing music to potentially help others! I am a single parent and I’m 27 years old.

The Band is:
Nikki Turley- Vocals and guitar




Where You Can Get It:

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