Kory Brown – Little Love Games

Who They Are: Kory Brown strives to bring back the passionate rock of the 80’s with the modern feel of today’s acts. “Music today is missing a theatrical aspect that connects with the fans during live performances,” says Brown. “When it comes right down to it, music is all about the fans that choose to listen to your message as it’s conveyed in each song. Lyrics have to connect with your audience, have meaning and most importantly they have to be believable.”

Why I Like Them: I think Kory has done exactly what he set out to do with this particular song. I feel like I stepped in a time machine! I need my big hair and tight jeans with my fringe leather jacket. I’m in 80’s nirvana. I do miss those awesome guitar riffs and drum beats. I thought that the vocals were an amazing match for the music. I thought I got a bit of punk influence from time to time as well. But oh my it’s that guitar that really caught me.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: As long as it rocks as hard as this one did I surely would.


The Band is:

Kory Brown – Vocals/Guitar
Steven Work – Drums
Austin Valentine
Bass, Johnny Shrink – Keyboards

Where You Can Buy It:

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