Leathal Weapon – Pretty Thangz

I’ve been learning a lot about rap since I started doing reviews. From what I learned this is a pretty mellow rap track, with a midtempo pace. I love the name dropping going on in the lyrics. Talk to me about Seth Rogan and Ben Affleck, cause that’s kinda funny. I thought this track was funny as hell to be honest. Lines like “hell I ain’t gotta be like Mike Tyson, but I will best his ass with multiple pieces of Tyson.” Those might not be the exactly lyrics, but I know that both Mike Tyson and Tyson chicken is referenced. Love it so freakin’ much. If you guys weren’t gunning for a song that makes me laugh then let me apologize now but I laughed so hard at some of those lyrics I feel off my damn couch.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Are you kidding me? This reminds me so much of some D12/Eminem stuff. It’s not all about thuggery and bitches. The lyrics are smart and humorous and so very worth a listen rap fan or no. If your looking for a hooky rhythm and smart lyrics that will make you laugh, my friends I totally have the song for you. So yes I plan to listen to their other stuff. I’m hoping it’s the same level of writing. Currently I plan to playlist this track with my Eminem list.


Who They Are: Started in 2001 as a simple collaboration between local artists in Tulsa area Oklahoma shortly turned into a banded brotherhood of acclaimed performers. Leathal Weapon and fellow rapper C-Dub began collaborating on a mixtape entitled Street Villainz which would include hits from each performer as well as collaboration hits. Little did they know it would catch on…quickly. Although short lived due to the sudden passing of C-Dub the Street Villainz name lived on through Leathal Weapon when he reemerged in 2005 this time with new talent but never forgetting his first partner. in 2003 the Street Villainz added new members Sirkle, from Northern California, Chaos, from Tulsa, and T.K, fellow Oklahoma native. Leathal also picked up K.C. from Oklahoma as well. Together they rose from the ashes of mourning and began working on new projects, including 3 From Tha T as well as Leathal Recordz Presents: World War 3. The later which included another renown performer Gravez. Both projects were very successful locally but it wasnt until Leathal’s first solo album in 2008 that Street Villainz was put on the map. When Leathal released Reign Supreme which included features from every Street Villainz member, with the exception of K.C, the music industry took notice. Along with Reign Supreme was the parallel album release of Gravez album The Outsider which also featured Leathal Weapon on 5 of the 16 tracks. By 2010 Street Villainz was considered mainplay in Oklahoma and very successful in Georgia as well as Florida and California. It was in 2010 when fellow Oklahoma native Easy stepped into the Street Villainz clique with his vocal presence on R&B style songs in 2010 when Leathal and Easy began working on various mixtape and album projects. In 2013 Leathal and Street Villainz announced a new Street Villainz album was in the process and scheduled to be released in the summer of 2014.

The Band is:

Website: Leathal Weapon

Twitter: @leathal918

Youtube: Leathal Weapon
Where You Can Buy It:

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