RainChild – Watershed

3 second in and I’m already in love with this track. This guy’s voice is so amazing. It’s like a sexy hug for your ears. Those long sustained notes make me a bit weak in the knees. He has just a bit of gruff in his voice, it’s got this stunning dusty quality to it. It’s definitely got that southern rock feel to it. There is a slightly mournful feel to the lyrics that is carried so well with the vocals. The music is taking a backstage to the vocalist, some thing that I personally enjoy. The guitar work though some what muted is masterfully done. It’s so easy to go overboard when playing, it takes a real talent to be able to pull back and still produce a solid memorable sound. He is given a moment in the song to show off his skills and believe me he has them. The drum line is pretty simple, but with the songs stripped down feel it’s very appropriate.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes, yes I would. I have always liked southern rock and it’s exciting to see that it’s still being made. I am really excited to listen to some more of their songs, I think there is a ton of talent in this band. These guys are worth keeping your eye on as I expect them to do great things. Playlist wise I have one list in particular that I would pair it with. There is some Black Crows, ARS, Hellyeah and some Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band on it and I think that Watershed would be right at home there.


Who They Are: Since hitting the Houston scene three years ago, the group has continually expanded its horizons by playing gigs throughout Texas. Front man Dustin Condon was awarded 2011 vocalist of the year for Texas Buzz Awards, while guitarist Jason Degge was nominated guitarist of the year 2011. Rainchild has been privileged to perform with many National Touring groups like Hinder, Days of the New, Lynch Mob, Earshot, Parabelle, The Hunger, Pushmonkey, Vallejo, Texas Hippie Coalition, Hurt, and others. Rainchild enjoys playing for charity organizations such as Homes for our Troops, Cherish our Children International, Rock for Warriors, and more.

The Band is:

Dustin Condon
Jason Degge
Matt McClain
Ty Gore

Website: Rain Child Band

Twitter: @rainchildband


Where You Can Buy It:

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