Legacy – Look Around

I really like that intro, it’s so dark and powerful. I have to admit it, I’m beginning to like some of rap. This one is really damn good. It’s got a really great “sway” beat. The guys got a great voice for rap, it’s got the right amount of power and he doesn’t play it flat. The music was really well done. It kept a nice solid rhythm during the whole track allowing you to focus on the lyrics. I really connected with the message Legacy is sending.

Since I’ve started appreciating this thing called rap, I am going to give some of his other tracks a listen. I’m quite taken with this one, but I would like to find a more upbeat track to groove to. I’ve got a road trip coming up and I think I’ll be adding to some rap flavor to my phone’s playlist.


Who They Are:

Born and raised in Albuquerque NM, “Burque”…

The Band is:





Where You Can Get It:

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