Musical Pearls (Steve Neilson)/ This Side of Life – Born No Good

*This is not your ordinary review. Upon entering Musical Pearls I learned this is not a band, but a collection of stories set to music, sorta. It’s an interesting concept so I’ve decided I’m going to pick one of the stories and review a song from it.

This song has a great rock/country feel to it. I am really enjoying the dirty guitar line and heavy drum beat. There is something about this song that reminds me of O Brother Where Art Thou? It’s not the same style of music at all, but there is something.  I really like the vocalist’s delivery of the lyrics. He has this not quite monotonous tone that totally carries the lyrics.

I could totally see this song in a remake of “Streets of Fire”. That was a totally rad movie. This song is one of those that I happen to know a couple of people who are likely to buy this as soon as they hear it. It really is pretty good. I have a couple of rock/country lists that I would put them on.


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Musical Pearls
This Side of Life


Musical Pearls

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