Lexie Miller – Awkward Moments

I have to be honest and tell you I wasn’t expecting a lot from this song, but that’s what I get. This is an awesome pop track! It’s like someone merged Adel and P!nk. It breaks down like this: She sounds a bit like Adel in her vocals but the singing style is so P!nk I can barely stand it!! I don’t mean any of this as a negative but a serious positive. She has a great sense of song styles and is able to carry this song all the way down the line. Her cadence is damn near perfect and her range is strong. I like that she knows when to go full on and when to pull back. That’s something that is really hard for some vocalists to get.

She really needs to tour with P!nk for real. That would be a ticket I would pay for! I would love to see her with a better musical backing track. Not that there was anything wrong with the music itself it just came off kind of generic. That could have been because she is so much stronger than the music. In case you didn’t figure it out playlist wise I wanna put it on with my P!nk collection and some of my Katy Perry cause she has some awesome tunes as well.


Who They Are:
I am a spunky fun loving girl that loves life and everything that it offers!!’ I am a Singer/Songwriter and an Actress from Portland Oregon.

The Band is:
Lexie Miller




Where You Can Get It:

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