Life Lessons – Between You, Me, & Everyone Else

I am totally into this song. The guitar work in the intro is this crazy up beak  guitar driven piece of happy. This song is the perfect marriage of the 90’s grunge and today’s Pop/Rock style. The vocals are really strong with a pretty decent range and the backup vocals are kinda stellar and able to do some amazing soaring vocals. The lyrical subject matter is one I think every one can relate to so there’s some kuddos for that. I really am all about the guitar work though. Not to take anything away from the vocals, but I’m just in love with the guitar work. They are just the tiniest bit dirty and there are some sarcastic moments to the playing style.

Overall I love this song and it’s players well enough I want to hear more. I would really like to see them play live as I bet that is some thing to see. I keep thinking I would see them with a band like Red or Chevelle. The music isn’t’ really like to like, but some thing about the idea seems right. That is also probably where I would put them on a playlist. I’m talking about more upbeat songs. Who would you put this song on a list with?


Who They Are:

“Life Lessons has an honest and gritty approach to pop punk, making their music straightforward in its delivery and sincerity. Leaning more onto the alternative/indie side of the genre, these OKC locals have pushed through lineup switches and worked through the writing process even with a member studying abroad. One listen through the raw emotions and deep, rich melodies on their latest EP Need To Know shows that it was all worth it.” – Property of Zack

The Band is:

Chris Lewis- Drums
Kaden Birdsong- Vocals
Andrew Wasson- Bass
Josh O’Dell- Guitar/Vocals



Where You Can Get It:


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