Lonnieclaire – New Mexico Gold

I wish I could have found a better copy of this song. I really liked what I heard but some of it was a bit hard to make out. The bill themselves as a garage band and I can see why. There is a relaxed nature to this song that makes me think back to when I was hanging out with garage bands on the daily. This song reminds me a lot of some old Alice Cooper from way back in the day. It’s got a slow temp with minimal drum work. It relies heavily on the guitar line to carry the music of this track. The vocals are killing me. They are some serious 70’s style and totally awesome. Now some of that could be because of the recording.

I plan to see out more of their music because this one has me intrigued. I’m not sure where I would put this on a playlist but I’m thinking some of my funky psychedelic 70’s stuff might be a good fit. Some Alice of course, Zappa maybe and oddly enough The Doors.  I had a lot of fun listening to this jam, I hope the rest are as much fun!


Who They Are:
Born out of the DC rock scene in the mid-1990s, Lonnieclaire proudly waves a “Garage Band” banner but does so with its own special charm. Their sound might be is striped down and raw but its surprisingly dynamic and original. LonnieclaireBAND@gmail.com

The Band is:




Where You Can Get It:

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