Billy Brown – Jolene

I am a huge fan of the original song by Dolly Parton. It’s a heartbreaking song that when done right is gut wrenching. Billy’s take on this classic country song is amazing. He was able to take this and turn it into a third person story that in some ways makes it a harder story to listen to. The way he pleads with Jolene on “her” behalf is amazing. His vocals work the story in all new ways. There are some amazing vocal breaks. I’ve always loved the simple guitar line to this song. Billy did that justice as well keeping it simple and opting to not modify the guitar line.

I really liked his vocals enough to wanna check out more of this cats work. I opted to review this song because I loved it so much, but I will admit that it’s harder some times to review an artist through a cover. I do feel like I got to know him through this song because of it’s personal nature. I would happily put this on a playlist with my other older country songs oh and the Linda Ronstadt version of ‘I Will Always Love You’


Who They Are:
Billy Brown, an Acoustic Singer/Songwriter with a fantastic collection of songs about love and life from his own experiences.

Formerly Singer/Guitarist and songwriter with Friends of Gavin, who supported the likes of REM, BoomTown Rats, The Alarm, Ian Dury amongst many others, as well as touring throughout the UK and headlining in their own right, in Holland and France as well, including places such as Stonehenge, The Marquee, Dingwalls, The 100 Club, The Venue and so many more famous places, which some have now sadly gone.

In 1990 he teamed up with Jimmy Brown (no relation) who had a club hit with a song called Free Spirit. He co wrote a further hit called Open Your Eyes, this was under Jimmy’s project Orchestra JB, and can be found in many remixes on Youtube, who later released an album called Tambourine Fever on East West records in the USA, and Billy co wrote and performed on other tracks, most notably the harmonica along with backing vocals.

In November 2013, after performing live on Wolfman Radio with a cover of the Reggae classic Police & Thieves, he was asked by Specialized to release it as a single for Teenage Cancer Trust, and is now appearing on the Mad Not Cancer album under the same banner, scheduled for release June 2014

Now writing and performing in London, Hertfordshire and all over the UK.

The Band is:
Billy Brown





Where You Can Get It:

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