Throw the Fight – Paper Wings

I was really excited to review Throw the Fight’s Paper Wings. I had heard really good things about this band and I have to say I wasn’t at all disappointed. The track is fast paced with a driving drum line. I like a song that feels like it’s kicking me in the gut, makes you feel alive!

Not only does this song have a solid drum line through out, the guitar work is subtle in that it lays so perfectly between the drums and vocals it truly sounds like a slice of musical heaven. As I listed I couldn’t keep myself still, and that is always a sign of a great song. I’m a big fan of a solid bass line when it’s done right it makes all the difference when it comes to holding a song together. This one is so damn good it’s crazy.

Vocally the song contains mostly clean vocals however there towards the end is some really nice good screaming vocals that are almost set in the background. I like that because it’s a really nice surprise and a great way to end the song. Lyrically the song tells a story that I can get with. You know I like a song that can capture your interest with the content of the lyrics. Bad lyrics can ruin a song for me, it will pull me out of the groove every time. After a couple of listens I found myself singing along and it felt really good.

At the end of the day what stood out to me was the drum work. I got a hardcore Rise Against vibe from these guys (but better). I would love to listen to more of their work and based off this song I would 100% buy a ticket to catch them in a live show, when we get live music again. I did add this song to my Spotify like list as I know it’s going to be a song I listed to again and again.

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