Michael Bello – Solaris

The intro was kinda cool, had me picturing an old abandoned east coast beach. This is really my first foray into a full on electronic song. I find myself fascinated with the sounds that Michael is using to tell his story along with the spoken word content. It’s kinda like if the Terminator was telling a story. It’s got some great concepts going on.

Personally speaking I’m not much of a fan of electronic music. I always find myself missing good old fashioned guitar, drum and bass lines. What I did like was the sound effects. It felt like I was in a sci fi movie or something. I will say that all that grooviness did keep me interested in the song. And while this may not be my cup of tea, I as always strongly encourage you to give it a listen and see what you think.


Who They Are:
I’m a composer and Producer writing music in all the genres and styles I love with my current project being based around an Industrial Electronic style. I write music based around telling a story and capturing the moods and emotions within that story.

The Band is:
Michael Bello




Where You Can Get It:

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