King D Mr. Perfect – Music in my Soul

There are a lot of things I liked about this track. I enjoyed the story that he is telling us, and I happen to agree with most of what he’s saying. I certainly understand the idea of not doing it for the money, the music is in my soul. I even liked the beats and the overall flow of the rap. But here’s what made me sad, I think this guy has a great voice when they aren’t running it through all those filters. I get that it’s a hot thing to do, but if your talented I wanna hear you! I feel that way about this cat. He’s got a great voice, not just for rap but his singing voice is also really damn strong! Really this is meant as a compliment, I enjoyed his voice enough I would love to hear him singing more.

I’m going to check out more tracks to see if I can find one that doesn’t have all the filters. I have a couple of friends who will absolutely love this track so I plan on downloading it so they can hear it. I may keep a copy on my server to add a bit of flair to some of my playlists, but I would rather find one of his songs minus the filters.


Who They Are:
United States Air Force Veteran & former bouncer from Liverpool, England. King D Mr. Perfect’s music is distributed by his own record label, Perfect Entertainment, and produced by Osu Beatz (King D Mr. Perfect & DJ Smiley). His sound is a unique combination of southern hip hop and r&b, mixed with beats from the UK.

The Band is:
King D Mr. Perfect




Where You Can Get It:

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