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80’s hair metal is alive and well in this band and I can’t say that I’m sorry about that. I’m a total child of the 80’s so I’m always excited when I hear a band that is carrying on that awesome tradition. I think this is definitely a song that would have been right at home on MTV back in the day. I love those kinda dusty and just a little bit dirty vocals. His voice has the perfect amount of grit for the style of music they are playing. One thing that a true 80’s song has to have is big over the top guitar licks. This track has it’s fair share of those riffs with some on target moments of guitar greatness. Drum wise this is a classic rock beat that keeps a solid up beat tempo and tracks the guitars with ease.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Please sir, may I have another? It’s true, I still have bands like Poison, Def Leppard, Ratt and Van Halen on my music server. These are the bands I grew up with and will love forever. Midnight Sin is a great fit for any 80’s headbanger who still likes to get their hair metal on. I fully plan on adding this to my rock list as soon as I’m done with the review. If you love hair metal from the 80’s the way I do you have to get this track.


Who They Are: There are a few things that make life worth living: among them, we can certainly mention “sins” and duties performed at night. And most of the times they happen together. And Midnight Sin, as the name suggests, incorporate both. The band brings back the sound of Street Rock and that kind of brazen attitude that their name perfectly sums up: the charm for the fascinating and tempting “Sin” and all those “recreational” activities that are performed after sunset. But the band really goes far beyond that. Their music is a sexy combination of Sleaze Rock, Hard Rock and AOR. Their songs are powerful and catchy, the lyrics shocking and irreverent with mindblowing choruses. And the energy and hedonism displayed in their debut album, typical of Hair Metal, are certainly for real.

The Band is:

Albert Fish – Vocals
LeStar – Lead Guitar
Maurice Flee – Rhythm Guitar
Acey Guns – Bass
Dany Rake – Drums

Website: Midnight Sin

Twitter: @midnightSinband

Youtube: Midnight Sin

Where You Can Buy It:

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