The Last Gatsby – Coffin

I’m totally loving the intro to the song. The guitar riffs are very cool with just the slightest hint of a tongue in cheek vibe. There is a bit of an anthemic feel to the jam, I’m betting this rocks hard when played live. Vocally I dig the tone of the singers voice. It’s got a great sarcastic edge to it that lends itself handily to the lyrical content.  He’s got some really nice scoops to his singing style, love how he sometimes comes up under the notes but is never flat. So the guitar work is excellent. I love that there isn’t any over the top moments, they really aren’t needed. This guy’s skill is readily apparent with out have to “show off”. The drum line is a racing beat that just keeps on coming. I listened to this track 4 times and loved it more every time I listened.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes, given the pop/rock nature of the song I could place it in a list with bands like Fall Out Boy or All American Rejects or even some older Blink or Good Charlotte. Since I have a shit load of songs that fit this style I plan on getting this song for sure to put on several playlists. As far as checking out more of their material, I’m excited to see what else they have out there. The song was really upbeat and left me feeling all kinds of happy.


Who They Are: The Last Gatsby blasted onto the band scene with it’s original four members of Josh, Matt, Dan and Cody, playing their first live show only 2 weeks after formation. However their good fortune was short lived as Matt and Cody parted ways with the band shortly after it’s first live performance. Josh and Dan were left without a drummer and with only one guitar but in a stroke of unforeseen luck were contacted by Jon Hoopes about coming on as their drummer and once again the boys from The Last Gatsby surged forward playing a show 2 weeks later with a brand new drummer. In time Dan took up a different roll in the band and began managing the groups affairs while Patrick Duff came onto replace his deep rumbling bass. In time the trio recruited Gary Samuelson to play lead guitar and created the line up that takes the stage today. Mission objective: Brainwash the nation with propaganda filled music. Just kidding. They don’t take anything that serious. They’re only here to get headaches from head banging too hard on the stage.

The Band is:

Chewie – Vocals/Bass
Gary Samuelson III Guitar/vocals
Jon Hoopes – Drums
Wes Winner – Guitar/Vocals

Website: The Last Gatsby

Twitter: @Thelastgatsby

Youtube: The Last Gatsby

Where You Can Buy It:

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