Mike Lila – LIGAW

Awesome! I got my first foreign language song in for review. I like it! I do love lyrics so it throws me off a little bit that I don’t understand the words. What I do understand though is how it makes me feel. This is a sexy sounding song. There is this awesome horn work going on it the background that gives this track a sultry feel to it. Vocally the guys got a really smooth voice. It reminds me just a touch of Rob Thomas when he did ‘Smooth’. There is a pickup in the pace during the chorus where both the vocals and the music get a bit stronger. Overall it’s a nice track with a damn sexy groove.

I wish he had more stuff available to listen to. If I have any complaints it’s that right there. This one was enough to whet my whistle, but I would like to hear more of him. Playlist wise I would love to stick this on a list with some other songs that I find sexy. Right off the top of my head I’m thinking that Rob Thomas/Carlos Santana song, ‘Sweet Soul Sister’ by The Cult, ‘Closer’ by Nine Inch Nails and ‘Get Off’ by Halestorm. I call it my seduction list. 😉


Who They Are:
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The Band is:
Michael Angelo De Los Santos




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