Even the Dogs – Down in Flames

Ok, I didn’t see this coming! Wow, I really mean wow. The percussion is absolutely amazing, it’s fast and heavy. The guitar work is really down and dirty and plays very well with the drum line. The guitar solo mid(ish) song has a really nice almost 80’s vibe. I’m pretty sure from time to time I’m hearing some string instrument work, a perfect touch. So now to those vocals. This guy has an incredible range. Not just as far as the notes he can hit, but he can scream, growl and still pull off clean vocal styles.  I love the lyrics and the connection to the song.

I fully plan on downloading this song and many others for my personal listening pleasure. I love the percussion so much on this track, I’m hoping to get a lot more of it on other tracks. The vocalist captured some of my favorite singing styles so I know I’m going to like his style in just about any song. Playlist wise you could pair them with anything hard and heavy, old or new.


Who They Are:
Mission Statement:
Purpose: To provide a positive musical alternative

Business: Playing cutting edge hard rock and metal music for people to listen to.

Value:Being an accessible role model for those who might feel they are lost or feel like they are a social outcast. Even The Dogs classifies their music as metal, though we are Christians and our songs revolve around not only our walk with Christ, but everyday events and issue being dealt with by the youth today.

The Band is:
Eddie – Vocals
David – Bass
Christian – Rhythm Guitarist
Blane – Lead Guitarist
Anthony – Drums




Where You Can Get It:



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