Moderne – Colorblind

This song is a lot of fun to listen to. It starts out slow with just a vocal track, which I thought as rather cool. When the music kicks in it’s a pretty upbeat tempo, it’s kind of a jolt after the intro. Just a little bit of “hey, here I am!”.  I love the rock rhythm laid out by the drummer. It’s keeping up a great pace that the guitarists is almost chasing. Almost like a game of tag. The lyrics are tight and I like the story behind the lyrics quite a bit. It all fits the vocalist like a glove. I would love to see these guys play this song live.

I would love to hear more from this band. I like the vocalists sound a lot and the players are very good at what they do. They have a really tight sound and I get the impression from the music they like what they do and that the guys really enjoy playing with each other. I would put this on a playlist with some of my Red, Chevelle and then kick it up with some Fall Out Boy or maybe some Panic at the Disco.


The Band is:

Devin Perkins
Sam Macdonald
Ira George
Spencer Baldwin





Where You Can Get It:



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