Trophy Lives – Icebergs, Pt. II

There is something about this song that is matching my mood right now. I little melancholy for some reason. Actually it’s reminding me a lot of HIM. This guy has the same vocal style that Ville Valo rocks. Personally I love HIM and it’s really exciting to find a band that matches their vibe this way. The harmonies and vocal background echo effects is a perfect match to the musical composition to the song. The guitarist has a great solo that really shows off what he is capable of. The drum work is nice and tight keeping great time for the rest of the players. The bass line is a bit hidden, but every once in a while I’m able to make it out. The bass is like the glue in a band, often you don’t hear it but without it the songs sound flat.

I really liked this particular track. Like I said, I’m a HIM fan so finding something new to go on my HIM list is awesome. Even though they have a similar sound I wouldn’t say that Trophy Lives is a sound alike band. They have some awesome things in common but this band stands all on their own.






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